Thank you Spirit – Inglés


Poema de Ozzi Quintero, Venezuela

Thank you spirit.

For the rays of the sun and the morning dew.
For the sound of the birds I get to wake up to.
This is new light shinning once again.
Its time to awaken to a purposeful new day.

Thank you spirit

For the earthy feeling of the soil under my bare-feet.
For the re energizing fresh air that I get to breath.
For the music from inside that makes my heart beat.
For the life that each morning I have the pleasure to greet.

Thank you spirit

For the strength of my body and the grip of my hand,
For the medicine in my heart that motivates me to plant.
For the greenery and earth in which I cultivate,
This is sacred work, this is appreciating the land.

There is teaching there are lesson awaiting on the trees.
Deep rooted to the ground up to the sky their branches will reach.
Stay grounded, open your heart and pay attention.
All it takes is a moment of present touch to make the connection.

Enter the womb and embrace its darkness, open third eye and welcome the steam.
Prayers to the rhythm of the drums, sweat and surrender, you’re the dreamer you’re the dream.

The mind always moving fast, storming on and on.
Be the flow of water, just relax, without resistance move along.
It only takes stillness, a breath and a little patience
Dig your bare-feet on raw soil, and stay here, stay present.

Strength, versatility and flexibility the bamboo plants teach.
Be strong, stay grounded but dont become stiff.
Allow adaptability to be part of you day.
Dont get stubborn on your approach and allow the unknown to stay

Creativity is our nature and we are here to express.
Get out of the day to day hole and please your ideas dont suppress.
All the divinity in your soul is here to manifest.
All we need is to connect and to our roots regress.

So dig a hole, plant a seed and watch it grow.
Sing to it and in its splendor your love will show.
When it’s ready to harvest your heart will know.
And when you taste it its medicine it will make your spirit glow.

Cultivate yourself your mind and your skills.
Embrace struggle and obstacles, for that’s when your heart really feels.

There is medicine in fire making,
learn to spin and manifest it.
Patience and perseverance, many lessons, don’t reject it.

Grow in adversity and observe yourself.
Let the wind blow your worries don’t hide in your shell.

Touch delicately, step lightly,
in every space life is thriving.
Breath deeply and be still, create sacred space.
Feel vividly, feel grace.

Dare to let go, detach and thrive.
Don’t ignore the call.
Get back to your tribe.